McFearson 180 285 bottom DRY About

HotHead McFearson is a Dead Guy. He shoves cigarettes in his potty-mouth cuz when yer dead, you’ll do anything to look like you can step on a bug without fear of retribution.


He lives in New Mexico somewhere and prolly glows in the dark from all the nuclear testing and population experiments those poor creeps gotta endure.


He has final say over what gets in here and what don’t. Tried to talk him into a porn site, but seeing as how he’s all old and shit, he says that stuff just riles people up for no reason a-tall, so we’re going with crabby, funny and noisy, not in that order, I don’t think…


So instead of hormones, we’re taking aim at your neurons. Thinking is fun, right?

Untangling this mess: S. LaRue

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