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Steve LaRue is the Acquisitions Manager for Native Treasures and has life-long exposure in the field of vintage and contemporary Native American Art.


With the home offices of Native Treasures being located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Steve is positioned in the heart of the Native American Jewelry trade with easy access to such hubs as Gallup, Grants, Santa Fe, Taos, Southern Colorado and Arizona.


Steve’s appreciation for the art form is what drives Native Treasures. He is well educated in the particulars of the history, techniques used, tribal affiliation and overall quality of the wares offered at Native Treasures. He has proven to have an exceptional eye for one-of-a-kind hand-made works, thus continually providing the global collecting community with nothing but the best there is to offer.


With the launch of the Native Treasures website, he hopes to broaden the scope of appreciation for this truly unique American art form.

Images by Steve LaRue.

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